Can Wisp be utilized as a faster, more reliable way to perform early programming tasks?

Research Project Name

Linking Program and Asset Management

What We Did

We integrated Wisp (Gensler’s proprietary asset, space, and occupancy management tool) into the predesign phase of two projects to understand its potential impact on program management. We conducted a global survey of our colleagues in Costa Rica; New York; La Crosse, Wisconsin; London; Hong Kong; and Bangkok to assess what type of programming tools they currently use, the challenges of those tools, and opportunities for improvement and unification. We saw a potential connection between Wisp’s back-end reports and predesign programming activities that were mining similar data. We then implemented Wisp on the front end of two large-scale projects, American Water and AmerisourceBergen, to analyze how the tool affected design efficiency and client satisfaction.

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Christi Van Maanen, Tim Roesler, Cory Siegrist, Gina Blitzstein, Tracie Lear, Janet Pogue McLaurin, Jim Camp, Stephen Freret, Laura Sullivan, Jennifer Tidd, Holly Harshman, Alexander Klohr

Year Completed