How do different workplace configurations affect value from real estate and employee engagement perspectives?

Research Project Name

Measuring the Workplace Value Proposition

What We Did

We developed conceptual workplace design scenarios and used them to establish and test different value propositions. In the context of a broad transition toward more open environments, we built a framework that references not only typical value considerations — real estate, capital, and operational costs — but also the impact of workspace layout on employee engagement. We measured different design scenarios according to value, a dynamic of both people-driven and cost-driven inputs, to uncover a better understanding of what design may achieve.

The three design scenarios included an open, closed, and flexible workspace type. While we maintained the same floor plate square footage, the amount of enclosed, open space, and mobile pods differed in each workspace type. Because of the different design features, we hypothesized that cost and engagement would vary by degree of openness.

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Gervais Tompkin, Chris Jerde, Adriana Phillips, Yana Ronin