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Relocation Planning Tools

Occupancy Planning and Seating Assignments

An office move should result in positive change, rooted in a desire to improve, to evolve, and to infuse creativity throughout an organization. But even with the best intentions, the process can be challenging. Whether it’s growth, consolidation, relocation, or rearranging, interactive scenario planning tools can help visualize your future state.

When the design of your new space is complete and construction is underway, it’s time to finalize your blocking and seating plans. Gensler’s interactive planning tools can set the stage for a successful transition into your new workplace. With the ability to quickly create and digitally depict unlimited departmental blocking and seating assignments, you’ll save time and streamline tedious manual processes.

Engage stakeholders in the process by hosting an interactive workshop, or strategize with your core team. Encourage collaboration and empower the lines of business to create their own seating assignments within one centralized platform. Then, simply export a move sheet with details about where occupants are assigned. This can communicate to movers and IT where occupants’ equipment and belongings should be located. The finalized seating assignment can then become a wayfinding map that employees can access electronically — assisting in a smooth transition into your new workplace.

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