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The Value of Ongoing Service

Gensler’s relationship with this client began in 2011 when, in the early stages of planning a headquarters renovation, the team realized the need for up-to-date floor plans and headcounts to inform the programming of the new campus.

After loading client-provided data into Wisp, our team had the information needed to develop industry benchmarking to create both short- and long-term planning strategies, as well as optimized universal planning standards for the entire campus. Beginning with the headquarters space, the client quickly saw the value of a holistic, portfolio-wide view into its real estate and have since added 54 international locations.

The client’s corporate real estate team runs lean, and Wisp increases its efficiency by allowing unlimited end users to interact with the system and by providing ongoing CAD maintenance. Each department utilizes Wisp to request moves, adds, and changes — providing the corporate facilities team with a view across the campus and insight into departmental needs.

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