Firmwide Practice Area Leadership

Aaron Birney

Firmwide Retail Practice Area Leader

+1 213.327.3608

Aaron is a designer who thrives on the fast-paced creative process of translating brands to the built...

Sharon Lessard

Firmwide Retail Practice Area Leader

+1 404.507.1055

Sharon is a Firmwide Retail Practice Area Leader, the International Vice President for the Retail Design...

Lara Marrero

Firmwide Retail Practice Area Leader

+44 (0)20 7073 9946

With an education that spans psychology, advertising, marketing and cultural anthropology, Lara has honed her...

Practice Area Leadership

Michael Bodziner

Regional Human Resources Leader, Principal

+1 415.836.4105

Michael has always loved retail. As a kid, he says, walking into any store was a thrill. He co-founded...

Barry Bourbon

Retail Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 415.836.4106

As a Retail Practice Area Leader, Barry is one of Gensler’s global leaders in retail design. A Principal and...

John Bricker

Creative Director, Principal

+1 212.492.8667

John founded Gensler’s Retail and Branding studios in 1980 and continues to expand these practice areas into...

Mark Brungo

Studio Director, Retail Practice Area Leader


Mark’s innate management abilities, coupled with his versatility as a designer, allow for a smooth design and...

Richard Chang

Retail Practice Area Leader

+86 (21) 6135.1958

A regional Retail Practice Area Leader and Senior Project Manager, Richard leads high-profile retail projects...

Dian Duvall

Brand Design Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 415.836.4125

Dian was one of the original visionaries to shape Gensler’s Brand Design Practice, a multidisciplinary team of...

Michael Gatti

Studio Director, Principal

+ 1 212.492.8615

Michael is a Studio Director and licensed architect whose design expertise spans building types with a...

William Hartman

Client Relationships Leader, Principal


In addition to his role as a Firmwide Client Relationships Leader, Bill participates as Principal-in-Charge on...

Kathleen Jordan

Retail Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 212.492.1630

Based in Gensler’s Charlotte office, Kathleen has led award-winning projects for some of the retail industry’s...

Irwin Miller

Lifestyle Sector Leader, Retail Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 213.327.3720

As a Leader of Gensler’s Lifestyle Sector and Retail Practice Area, Irwin brings a unique design sensibility to...

Colin O’Brien

Managing Director, Principal

+1 404.507.0978

As a Managing Director of Gensler Atlanta, Colin focuses on the growth and leadership of the office. Colin...

Owain Roberts

Retail Practice Area Leader

+44 (0)20 7073 9736

In response to ever-changing shopping habits and consumer demand, Owain promotes combining shopping with...