Firmwide Practice Area Leadership

Aaron Birney

Firmwide Retail Practice Area Leader

+1 213.327.3608

Aaron is a designer who thrives on the fast-paced creative process of translating brands to the built...

Sharon Lessard

Firmwide Retail Practice Area Leader

+1 404.507.1055

Sharon is a Firmwide Retail Practice Area Leader, the International Vice President for the Retail Design...

Lara Marrero

Firmwide Retail Practice Area Leader

+44 (0)20 7073 9946

With an education that spans psychology, advertising, marketing and cultural anthropology, Lara has honed her...

Practice Area Leadership

Michael Bodziner

Regional Human Resources Leader, Principal

+1 415.836.4105

Michael has always loved retail. As a kid, he says, walking into any store was a thrill. He co-founded...

Barry Bourbon

Retail Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 415.836.4106

As a Retail Practice Area Leader, Barry is one of Gensler’s global leaders in retail design. A Principal and...

John Bricker

Creative Director, Principal

+1 212.492.8667

John founded Gensler’s Retail and Branding studio in 1980, and he has played a pivotal role in the practice’s...

Mark Brungo

Studio Director, Retail Practice Area Leader


Mark’s innate management abilities, coupled with his versatility as a designer, allow for a smooth design and...

Richard Chang

Retail Practice Area Leader

+86 (21) 6135.1958

A regional Retail Practice Area Leader and Senior Project Manager, Richard leads high-profile retail projects...

Dian Duvall

Brand Design Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 415.836.4125

Dian was one of the original visionaries to shape Gensler’s Brand Design Practice, a multidisciplinary team of...

Michael Gatti

Studio Director, Principal

+ 1 212.492.8615

Michael leads Gensler’s Northeast Regional Retail Practice Area and the New York office’s Lifestyle studio. A...

William Hartman

Client Relationships Leader, Principal


In addition to his role as a Firmwide Client Relationships Leader, Bill participates as Principal-in-Charge on...

Kathleen Jordan

Retail Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 212.492.1630

Based in Gensler’s New York office, Kathleen has led award-winning projects for some of the retail industry’s...

Irwin Miller

Lifestyle Sector Leader, Retail Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 213.327.3720

As a Leader of Gensler’s Lifestyle Sector and Retail Practice Area, Irwin brings a unique design sensibility to...

Colin O’Brien

Managing Director, Principal

+1 404.507.0978

As a Managing Director of Gensler Atlanta, Colin focuses on the growth and leadership of the office. Colin...

Lisa Pope-Westerman

Design Director, Principal

+1 713.844.0054

A Principal and Design Director with Gensler Houston, Lisa serves as the Regional Retail Practice Area Leader...

Owain Roberts

Retail Practice Area Leader

+44 (0)20 7073 9736

In response to ever-changing shopping habits and consumer demand, Owain promotes combining shopping with...