How can we demonstrate the market impact of Gensler’s office repositioning projects?

Research Project Name

The Return on Design for Repositioning Projects: A New Framework for Measuring Performance

What We Did

We leveraged data from recent Gensler building repositioning projects to explore ways to quantify the impact of design on a building’s market value, and also explore potential business models based on our proprietary project data. Our goals also included investigating how better data — and processes supporting our data — can clarify the value streams we create for clients.

For our analysis, we aggregated data on nearly 400 office repositioning projects completed in the past five years. We then distilled the data set to eight case studies with sufficient pre- and post-occupancy tenancy and rent data from CoStar, ranked by total revenue. We blended CoStar and proprietary data to create pre- and post-occupancy analyses. By establishing pre-intervention, design and construction, and post-intervention rental and occupancy, we explored how Gensler’s project work impacts real estate value for landlords.

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Andrew Starr, Andrew Gargus, Ben Marcus, Nick Ficeto (partner, Tufts University)

Year Completed