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What is the impact of new vehicle technologies on real estate?

Research Project Name

Autonomous Vehicles and Their Impact on Real Estate

What We Did

We researched the impact of increased autonomous vehicle (AV) adoption on real estate with a particular focus on parking. We first gathered information from developers and consultant groups to calibrate our orientation toward the future impact of this technology. Parking is a shared urban amenity with many stakeholders; we met with myriad groups to gather diverse perspectives on this topic.

We synthesized secondary research, stakeholder communications, and client workshops, identifying drivers of AV adoption rates and how they may influence future investments in real estate. We added a quantitative foundation to our research using data from Gensler’s project work, establishing baseline real estate metrics. We applied this conception to an interactive tool to model various AV adoption scenarios. Our model uses manual inputs for parking structure typologies, AV adoption timeline, rideshare percentage used, and other operable variables to illustrate various scenarios over time.

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JF Finn III, Diana Vasquez, Andrew Starr, Kevin Kusina, Karina Silvester, Ira Winder

Year Completed