What are short- and long-term responses to shared, electric, and autonomous vehicles on the built environment?

Research Project Name

Forecasting Design Shifts Under Future Vehicle Technologies

What We Did

We created a spatial projection model that helps predict parking, queueing, and electric requirements for the next 25 years. With simple inputs, the user achieves square-foot estimates as related to parking, queueing, and electric demands in the short, medium, and long term. Essentially, our model reflects building-specific projections according to future trending.

Curbside demand is expected to increase, so we developed a toolkit for adaptive reuse strategies and programming alternatives for parking garage space that will soon become available. This toolkit for convertibility is built around a range of solutions that anticipate changes for various timeframes. We created a simple set of convertibility metrics to gauge the feasibility of multiple scenarios to reclaim residual parking space in the future.

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Jeff Barber, Laura Carey, Claire Kang

Year Completed