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A group of people sitting at a table in a bar.
A man and woman sitting in chairs.
A large room with a large table and chairs.
A room with chairs and a table.
A large room with tables and chairs.
A room with a table and chairs.
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Beam Suntory: Brand Design

Chicago, Illinois

Beam Suntory moved its corporate headquarters to the heart of Chicago to get closer to the manufacturer’s core consumers and signify its iconic portfolio of premium spirits brands. The entry experience sets the tone with Fred’s Rackhouse, a 40-foot, fully functioning bar named after their seventh-generation Beam family distiller, and creates a central hub of activity and a venue to host mixology events and engage customers. The use of wood, limestone and copper speak to the spirit making process while maintaining a welcoming environment. Flexible product displays and storytelling components provide fluidity as the business continues to evolve. Wood column wraps and landscape distillery photography aid in wayfinding throughout the space.