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Furniture, interior finishes, and other products are most valuable when they respond to end-user demand quickly and include the kind of insights that can address a broad set of needs. As the market evolves, clients are looking for a larger scope of services — including sustainability consulting, ADA compliance reviews, and design visualization — to enhance the impact of their products.

Stylex Free Address Furniture

In-office and home office furnishings will support flexibility more than ever.

Office spaces are becoming dynamic hubs of innovation and connectivity. As such, office furnishings are evolving to support greater flexibility, allowing for enhanced collaboration, as well as individual work. At the same time, with more people working from home, the demands on the home office will continue to evolve, and consumers’ performance expectations for home office equipment are projected to increase.

Hygiene protocols and wellness safeguards are here to stay.

The realization that COVID-19 will be an ongoing global health battle is prompting a long-term expectation and demand for heightened hygiene protocols and wellness safeguards in the places people visit and occupy. Manufacturers that address these concerns through smarter, more hygienic, and more inclusive products will gain a competitive edge.

The climate crisis will continue to drive resilient product solutions.

The climate crisis has accelerated the need for resilient product solutions that minimize the impact on the planet and the people who use them. Issues related to climate action, well-being, and the circular economy are driving product development strategy. Manufacturers that reduce carbon emissions and improve material transparency will benefit occupants and positively impact their bottom line.

More new products will focus on user safety and wellness.

COVID-19 and the resulting global health crisis proved the need for greater preparedness and greater respect for measures that ensure life safety. Air quality, safety protocols, and general cleanliness are among the most important considerations for workers to feel comfortable and safe returning to the office. Addressing these safety elements will help companies prepare for future crises.
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L&M Architectural Signs 60|30 Glass Films
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A room with a couch and chairs.
Stylex Free Address Furniture
“Post-pandemic, people’s focus on hygiene will continue to be elevated, so it’s no surprise that many of Gensler’s endeavors are focused on products that will foster a cleaner built environment.”
—“Product Design in Times of Crisis,” Dialogue blog
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Craftsmen Mobile Modular Hospitals
Craftsmen Mobile Modular Hospitals
92% of office workers feel that hygienic, easy-clean materials are important relative to the comfort and enjoyment of their work environment.
—Gensler Consumer Research Survey