The recent launch of Gensler’s latest Design Forecast underscores the importance of reconnection, especially when it comes to the travel industry. Airports are a reflection of our cities, and in a post-COVID world, airports will encompass more of the functions we find common in cities. As airports grow into small cities with a wide range of functions, such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, and workspaces, the need for purpose increases.

In this webinar, Gensler’s Aviation Leader Ty Osbaugh and Aviation Resilience Leader Jennifer Cardinal discuss how a new town square is emerging at the heart of our airports. The conversation explores the latest aviation trends and strategies that will drive airport design in a post-pandemic world, including an increased focus on personalization, autonomy, efficiency, and touchless technology to offer a more tailored and connected passenger journey. As private aviation choices and regional airports are increasingly sought, they can holistically evolve to add more character and style that reflects the region, celebrating a sense of community pride and ownership while improving the overall passenger experience.

A panel discussion follows, led by Gensler Aviation Leader Keith Thompson, Aviation Interior Designer Kim Brown, Design Manager Adam Ambro, Digital Experience Design Leader Hans Neubert, Mobility Labs Leader Dylan Jones, and Aviation Design Director Brent Mather.

Watch the webinar and download Gensler’s Design Forecast 2021 to discover the digital immersion strategies and key design trends that are shaping the future of airport design beyond the return.

Ty Osbaugh
Ty is a principal and a Global Community Sector Leader at Gensler, who is focused on the firm's Aviation practice. Ty has deep expertise in merging great design with careful technical leadership across a variety of global project types, including airport terminals, cargo facilities, and parking structures. He is based in Washington, D.C. Contact him at .
Jennifer Cardinal
Jennifer is a Design Director and the global Design Resilience Leader for Gensler’s Aviation practice. She is an interior designer with over 23 years of experience working on projects from conceptualization to completion, across retail and hospitality design, as well as healthcare, workplace, residential, and mixed-use. She is based in Los Angeles. Contact her at .

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