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Dian Duvall


Dian was one of the original visionaries to shape Gensler’s Brand Design practice, a multidisciplinary team of graphic designers, strategists and architects who create experience-based environments and brand solutions. Today she is involved with directing the growth of new markets and expanding our design offering into motion graphics and integrated digital experiences. She previously co-directed Gensler’s office in Tokyo, a mega-city that she describes as a “collection of intimate alleys and personal gardens.” For Dian, this observation holds true for brands as well – a powerful brand experience is a collection of moments and impressions which hold emotional meaning for consumers. Dian leads design-focused research programs for Gensler, including the current study to simplify navigation in Tokyo for international visitors. She holds a B.A. in Interior Design/Textiles from Oregon State University, and she completed the International Studies Program at Faculté des Lettres in Avignon, France.


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