Francisco Ospina headshot

Francisco Ospina, RA

Design Director, Residential Leader, Associate

Francisco is an accomplished Design Director at Gensler Bogotá and Residential practice area leader for the firm’s Latin America region, renowned for his extensive expertise in architecture and deep understanding of both local and global market trends. His unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability has driven him to excel in developing mixed-use urban projects and residential buildings known for their resilience and ability to address complex contemporary environmental, socioeconomic, and political challenges. With a holistic perspective that spans from micro to regional scales, Francisco has successfully led projects that not only deliver creative and efficient solutions but also promote responsible architecture and urbanism that enhance the quality of community life. His remarkable leadership skills enable him to effectively lead multidisciplinary teams. Additionally, his dedication to innovation positions him as a visionary in his field, capable of providing cutting-edge solutions to the most challenging and intricate projects in the region. Francisco’s invaluable contributions continue to shape the future of architecture and urban design.